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Making The Most Of Links For The Future

09:06, 11/7/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Linkbuilding is a boring task, and some would also say it's not even a very ethical thing to do. After all, if you set out to create a backlink for self serving purposes you are not following Google's own guidelins at all. You may call yourself "White hat" but that is meaningless. Creating backlinks for purely self serving purposes is against Googles best practices and therefore calling it White hat or trying to pretend that your actions are in some way "honourable" or "right" is complete and utter nonsense. Yet it is exactly this brand of nonsense that is sold by very wealthy gugu's like Rand Fishkin who hide their self serving products under this label.

You are creating links, whether you do it by hand or though automation software such as Ultimate Demon is neither here nor there. By hand doesn't automatically mean unspammy and by the same token automation doesn't have to been Black hat, but this is precisely the idiot mantra that Mr Fishknd sells his massively overpriced tools by.

Effectice SEO professionals like Paul Rone-Clarke of www.demondemon.com know there is a fine line to be drawn between effective SEO that adds value to a site, brings in traffic and potentially raises it in the search enine rankings, and on the other hand, taking every step thoughtfully to minimize or eliminate any idea of poor quality linking and remove any fear that the search engines may not approve of your actions.

Relationships on the internet are of vital importance. Paul Rone-Clarke promotes the ethical use of tools such as Ultimate Demon and their use in a very professional way. The syndication and broadcasting of high quality content for instance is highlighted.

While the future may bring many changes in the web websites are promoted, we can rest assured that links (whether they be freom socail media sites or elsewhere) will continue to play an extremely important role going into the future


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